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Why Cheeseburger Cookies, you ask?

I founded Lone Palm Cookie Company, LLC because of my love for Jimmy Buffett, and the idyllic Florida Keys! Early in my career, I had the pleasure of working at Margaritaville in Key West. The experience confirmed that I would be a Parrothead for life.

Inspired by the song "Cheeseburger in Paradise", I created the idea of a sweet treat company that would conjure up a carefree lifestyle all year round: LONE PALM COOKIE COMPANY, LLC. My customers use my signature cookies for all sorts of parties and occasions: summer BBQ's, wedding showers, birthday parties, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, even custom corporate gifts. What is your occasion?

You don't have to be a Parrothead to enjoy these "Cheeseburger Cookies from Paradise." Grab your grass skirt, stick your toes in the sand and grab YOUR box of cheeseburgers. Take a bite and sail away to your own mini vacation to paradise. Delicious and adorable, these cookies are guaranteed to be a hit at any party.

Lone Palm started with our signature "Cheeseburger" cookies. I have now expanded our product line to include our signature "Balls" from paradise. We are excited to offer Pirate Balls from Paradise (chocolate rum balls) and Key Lime Coconut Balls from Paradise. In the fall we offer Pumpking Balls from Paradise, a seasonal favorite! A few of our "Balls" contain alcohol, they are noted on their description pages. I challenge you to take a bite and sail away today...

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